The client was looking for a creative way to promote their new product. The budget for the activation was planned to be twenty percent of their revenue, expecting to bring in $130,000 in sales with the event, having  $26,000 for the campaign. The expected outcome from the campaign was to increase awareness and position the product in top-of-mind for consumers. According to the client's presentation about the product, it is highly effective in reducing and eliminating skin blemishes caused by razor blades, ingrown hair and wax burns.
Creating a cross-media campaign, taking advantage of their Amazon store and organizing a live event. The campaign concept is "Soft Shining Texture." The product treats blemishes skin marks and offers moisture, nurturing the skin and making it shiny and healthy. The creative concept also seeks to normalize skin texture.

Design Development
The target is young individuals identified as female in their mid-late twenties and early thirties. Thinking of a summer fashion show to display dresses with high leg cuts designs and bathing suits. Both kinds of garments show areas of concern when shaving or waxing for the audience.  Fashion and skincare influencers were planned to be invited to promote the event and the brand in their channels.
The client asked for two patterns, one pattern showing "clear skin" and the second one with "blemished" skin. Both designs were planned to be used in the garments. The fashion designer was yet to be defined once the client approved the event, presenting only mockup garments. 
I designed the "skin blemished" pattern for the bespoke fabric with abstract graphics that alluded to skin blemishes without showing extreme realistic details. The colour palette was considered between different skin colours and the brand product colours, creating a dynamic, balanced, eye-catching, young, and playful range.
We extended the pattern designed for the fabric with the digital campaign into social media, Amazon landing page, banner ads, and Fire Tablet ads. The client allowed us to promote a special discount within the digital campaign for two weeks. The same deal will be displayed throughout the event decor, assemblings, and particular influencers (to be defined once the client approved the event) planned for the fashion show.
 Due to health restrictions happening globally, the event could not be done.

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