Oh, hi there! 😃 So lovely to meet you here!  
I grew up in this industry to become a firefighter designer👩🏽‍🚒 brisk ideas, quick to action, and accurate solutions, working as a freelancer, learning and exploring the entrepreneurial market and being part of creative agencies. These opportunities afford me to interact with local and international clients, grow my graphic design approach, understand marketing solutions, and improve my critical design thinking.
My experience gives me a detail-oriented sense, a critical and creative point of view, and confidence in working with clients and respectfully giving and receiving feedback to the team.
I love to be challenged. I am currently a Master's Degree candidate. The master's is on Inclusive Design, following my interest in my undergrad project topic of inclusive education: writing and designing a prototype tool guide for inclusive teaching (you can check my undergrad project in the Work Section).
I'm native in Spanish, and English is my second language. Like any other Saggitarius, I'm friendly and super smiley. I'm an active person who loves nature and who is forever #inlove with a good pepperoni pizza (I used to live in Sicily, so my reference for a good pizza are clear). And I need to let it very clear that I'm a specialty coffee snob ☕️

If you're curious about my background experience, check down a summary of my CV. If it's looking interesting, download the full version by clicking on the "Download" button, and if you keep the interest, let's chat! I know we can create amazing things together: 

Critical Mass - Production Design Lead - Apr 2018 - Currently, Canada/Costa Rica
Liftbrand - Graphic Design - Jul 2016 - Apr 2018, Costa Rica
Shnit Film Festival – Freelance Art Director - Apr 2017 - Oct 2017, Costa Rica/Switzerland
.Mo.Mo. Dev&Design – Freelance Graphic Design - Jul 2012 - Oct 2017, Costa Rica
MEPRO S.A – Internship Graphic Design - Aug 2015 - Feb 2016, Costa Rica
OCAD University Master Inclusive Design Sept 2021 - Currently
 Veritas University - Bachelor Graphic Design  2011-2015
Skillshare.com Creative Writing Feb-Apr 2021
SuperHi.com - JavaScript for Designers 2019-2020
Teamtreehouse.com - Front End Web Development 2019
Teamtreehouse.com - UX and Web Design 2018
CodeSchool.com - Web Design 2016
T.A. Advertising Photography - Photographer Mariechen Wüst Picado 2013​​​​​​​
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